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BLOG: Flares

10 Nov, 2012 in Boats by Millard Blogger

Another hot topic in relation to boat & trailer maintenance is safety gear. Though the most important items by far carried on a boat they are all too often over looked. One of the items that fall more often than not into that neglected category is FLARES.

Up until recently if you are a recreational boatie that has been pulled up by the boys in blue and had the routine safety check & your flares have been in good condition but expired you would have been sent on your way with a warning and a lecture.


BE WARNED! We have been advised that this season the boys will be on the lookout and if your flares are checked and found to be out of date you will be fined. Not a cheap option because then you still have to head out and update your flare kit at:

  • Offshore over 5 mile – $104.00
  • Inshore up to five mile – $54.00

It would surely be cheaper to make sure everythings in date and avoid your donation to the department.

Don’t get caught out & remember you can’t walk home if something goes wrong!

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