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BLOG: It’s that time again!

15 Nov, 2012 in Boats by Millard Blogger

The weather starts to fine up & everyone wants drag the boat out of its winter hibernation and dust it off ready for the warmer season.

I thought I would dedicate this blog to giving a couple of helpful pointers for this time of year that will hopefully save some of you some heartache.

A lot of our customers tend to treat their boats with the same frame of mind as a car not understanding that the environment we ask our boats & more importantly our boat trailers to operate in are extremely severe and in some cases they are used and then left for months on end.

This causes many dramas either at the ramp, sea or on the road. I will go through the most common causes of issues in the next week or so in an attempt to make your boating experience a good one!

One of the first things to make sure of when dragging the old salt out for a new season is that the trailer wheel bearings are ok. Boat trailer wheel bearings in most cases need to be serviced or replaced annually. It is also a good idea to carry a fully greases spare set on board all the time to prevent being stranded. Another important maintenance item is to make sure that if you have brakes fitted they are all free and adjusted . Make sure you never adjust your trailer brakes without the boat on the trailer as this will give a false adjustment. Once the boat is loaded the setting will change with the increased load stretching the cables & in most case the brakes will be locked on.

Tail lights are a simple thing but you would be blown away to see how many boats I see with lights not working. Over the years we have tried all makes of submersible lights, some better than others however in the new age of LED’s there is no excuse. A set of LED’s can be purchase for around $70.00 a pair with a 5 year warranty.

If you would like any help with any of these items please don’t hesitate to contact Dan, Brendan or myself whether you would like to book your trailer in for us to do the work or just need some helpful advice.

All the parts you need are available 6 days a week at Millards!

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