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Quintrex 370 Dart HDW

Price $2,850 Firm

2020 Quintrex 370 Dart HDW

This is the all new Quintrex 370 Dart HDW and in the world of car toppers this boat is an absolute standout.

In fact the 370 Dart HDW is what happens when Australia’s largest and most successful aluminium boat builders (Quintrex) actively engaged its customers and dealer network to design and construct a car topper that

1 Rides better than a V nose punt (Full stop)

2 Must not be any heavier than a like size V nose punt

3 Was substantially more robust for the rigours of remote travel and loading and unloading

4 Has more freeboard especially useful when sharing the water with Crocodiles

5 Flat foredeck and no protrusions for roof topping convenience

6 Quality of ride when compared to punts this was the most asked of improvement.

7 Multi function ability from rivers to estuary and bay fishing.

Ultimately the improvements with the 370 Dart HDW also extend to the transom and how it has been constructed to handle modern electric start power tilt four stroke outboards, however the 370 Dart HDW also benefits from a substantially upgraded coaming / Gunnel that gives it more depth and width.

As mentioned this model is a direct result of what happens when a manufacturer genuinely wants to provide improvements to their product as requested by their customers and i have to say they have done a brilliant job as all of the changes individually have created what is arguably one of the most versatile and capable 3.7m tinnies on the market.

licence 12 months extra $150

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