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Established in Brisbane since 1998, Formosa has slowly been building a reputation through word of mouth as one of Australia’s best-designed and versatile range of aluminium boats.

Why a Formosa?

There are many reasons why our customers choose to buy a Formosa. Whether it be for the smooth ride, design, price or build quality to name a few; everyone is different. The key to a successful purchase is the perceived value in the craft you are considering in purchasing. Some points to consider when looking for a new boat and comparing different brands are the following;

  • Is it practical to my needs?
    If you are buying predominantly for fishing, but plan to use for weekend family trips as well, does the layout and specifications of the boat make this change of activities (or vice versa) a simple pleasure or task?
  • Will it look good in years to come?
    Some boats look good on the show room floor but have they been designed for the harsh outdoor environment in which they are to be used? Fibreglass dashes and plastic fittings look good new but don’t have the longevity of aluminium.
  • Does it perform as good as it looks?
    With a sharp nose, deep dead rise, wide beam and generous freeboard, Formosa Boats, are only one of a few makes of boats that are designed to suit all Australian conditions. With the strength qualities, and ability to get on the plane quickly, a Formosa provides a smooth and steady dry run on calm days while offering great handling, control and peace of mind in rougher conditions.

Sea Rod

The SEA-ROD brand was developed in 2011 in response to the demand for a water ballast hull giving extra stability at rest. Formosa Marine designed a unique four (4) chamber, counterweight water ballast system expanding across the width of the hull. Available in sizes 520 and over. The decentralization of the chambers means a sudden roll to the side can be corrected by the extra weight on the opposite side. Also unique to Formosa Marine, the water ballast hull is available on plywood models; Formosa’s SEA-ROD Classic range sizes 520, 550 and 580.


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