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1. Vinyl Wraps

When you buy a Quintrex you’re spoilt for choice! We’ve added two more designs to our range of vinyl wraps. Constructed from uv-stabilised laminated vinyl and applied during the production process, there’s no better way to make a statement on the water!

  • Camouflage Wrap (left) – sneak up on your next catch in ‘military green’ (shown above), ‘navy blue’, ‘autumn orange’ and ‘Snow’.
  • Ice Wrap (right) – stay cool with this design available in blue (shown above), aqua, black, green and red.

2. New Dash & Raised top Deck

Quintrex have made some dramatic changes to improve the overall look and ergonomics of their new Lazeabout and Cruiseabout range. To create a more modern and sportier look, Quintrex have introduced a new raised top deck and complemented it with a low profile wind screen. Reminiscent of models in the early 80’s, these new top decks are far more advanced; created from a composite material previously used in the automotive industry and transformed for marine use.

This UV-stabilised material is moulded into the perfect height for optimal visibility through the windscreen – it’s this sort of attention to detail you can really appreciate when in the driver’s seat. Combine that with a new dash design that allows more room for the mounting of larger electronics and being the skipper has never been more enjoyable!

3. New Rear Lounge

Featured across the new range of Lazeabouts, Cruiseabouts and Ocean Spirits, our new rear lounge means you’ll have plenty of room for relaxation and fishing. This new design delivers on style, comfort and practicality – a wide comfortable seat combined with a supportive backrest at just the right height and the freedom to fold it all away without eating up cockpit space.

All it takes is a simple lift and pull, and the rear lounge folds back into the transom and flush with the backrest, creating an excellent combing cushion and maximum cockpit space. It’s set to be the best seat in the house… we mean boat…

4. New Transom

Quintrex make the biggest-little-boats on the market, and we’re always searching for new ways to squeeze every extra inch of usable space out of your boat. Often an over-looked area of a boat, having a well configured transom is essential to any boat design. Our new transom design actually increases the internal space by 180mm, combine that with concealed cable guides and you’ve got a more efficient clutter free boarding platform.

5. Drive on Trailer Design

Being specialists with aluminium, it seemed only fitting to release a new range of aluminium trailers. Designed specifically to cradle the Quintrex hull, our new designs are more rigid and corrosion resistant. The new frame is constructed using rolled aluminium I beam for improved rigidity and reinforced skid posts for durable towing. It’s also easier to adjust your axle position for optimum tow-ball weight distribution.

A new drive-on cradle guides the boat correctly onto the rollers and up onto frame every time. No matter what angle you drive onto your new trailer, the cradle will correct and guide the hull to load correctly and efficiently, even in wind and cross current. Now, retrieving your boat is far from being a chore, it’s become so easy you can do it yourself!

6. New Seats

Quintrex have revised their selection of seats specifically to optimise internal space, functionality, practicality and most of all comfort.

Angler Pro (Above) -Standard on applicable Explorer Trophy and Renegade Models.
Bass Pro (Above) – Standard on Hornet Trophy, F-Hornet and Top Ender Models.
Fish Pro (Above) – Standard on the 481 Cruiseabout, Sea Spirit and Fishabout Models.
Maratime (Above) – Standard on Cruiseabout, Freedom Cruiser, Ocean Spirit, Lazeabout and Ocean Spirit Models.

7. New F-Hornet Range

The new beloved Quinnie Hornet has undergone a dramatic redesign and the result is sure to impress old and new anglers alike.

The result : the new F450, F481 and F500 Hornet. These machines are the ultimate fishing boat and now feature a new bow design which sees the front casting deck expanded and improves storage space.

Visit the Quintrex website for more information.

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